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Still here!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess I kind of lost interest in blogging when I got addicted to Facebook. In fact I think it was around that same time that I started feeling like I didn’t have time for anything. You know, drawing, or painting, or cleaning the house, or bathing myself… Stuff like that. Facebook is evil. Still on it though. It was Facebook that told me about the Edward Gorey House Halloween envelope contest, and that it was open to so-called adults this year (previously it was only for so-called children). Anyway I waited until the last possible moment to enter and managed to squeak this out. Postmarked one day before the deadline! I also paid for a membership with the House, out of guilt, and I was meaning to join anyway, because it’s Edward Gorey’s legacy and it’s awesome. Check it out here: Edward Gorey House


Spring is sprung

Posting on the last day of the month again, because my OCD requires that I have a post for every month in the archives! Gotta love compulsions, am I right? If only I felt compelled to do something constructive, like oh I dunno, art? Guess I must be channeling my creativity into this:

My grow operation.

My grow operation.

This was taken a few weeks ago and the seedlings are going gangbusters. I’ve never tried starting seeds before. I don’t have a good location in the house so I set up a grow operation in the basement, complete with the cheapest shop light I could find fitted with the fancy plant-growing fluorescent bulbs. I leave the light on 24/7 because I want my plants to be uber-freaks that will destroy Tokyo. So far so good. Also I bought way too many seeds and I will not have room enough in my garden when the time comes to transplant them, so I will have to find homes for the extras. Maybe I can sell them and make back the cost of the shop light. I’ve often said that it’s a good thing I don’t rely on my garden for survival or I would be quite doomed.

In other news, today is my cat’s birthday.

Mort is two years old.

Mort is two years old.

There, I finally posted a picture of my cat. Check that off the list!


I can has Spring?

Just a quick post to make sure I have a March entry for the archives. At the risk of echoing absolutely everybody right now, it’s been a looooooong winter. But it just might be coming to an end…



On the rebound

It’s official: I’m through with you, Joomla. I’m leaving you for WordPress. Joomla, you were fun; we had a good time together—but honestly, WordPress is just easier to get along with. And the Joomla version of my site crashed today, so I guess it was lucky I had a WordPress version all loaded and ready to go (more or less). Here’s to a long and happy relationship. Now I’m off to find a gallery plug-in…